Sunday, March 29, 2009

Educate Yourself To Fight Against Mesothelioma

The use of asbestos had gained a new momentum in the twentieth century. You can speculate the wide range use of asbestos throughout the world just from the figure that states the amount of asbestos only used in the United States. The amount touches up to 30 million tons that have been used in different industrial sectors. It mainly comprises of the shipyards, construction of buildings, houses, hospitals and schools. The figure also gives an account of the rising numbers of victims suffering from the Mesothelioma cancer every year that have now reached 10000 and most of them are actually the workers in these industrial sectors those who have come in direct contact with the deadly mineral asbestos.

In the earlier times a misconception prevailed relating to this disease. Smoking cigarettes was considered to be the main cause but now there is no doubt in the fact that no other thing but asbestos can only damage the Mesothelium tissues in the body.

Things everyone must know about Mesothelioma:

* Asbestos is the main reason of Mesothelioma attack in the body.

* Asbestos fibers and dust enter the body through different channels but mainly through the air you breathe in.

* Asbestos fibers can readily mix with the atmosphere and form airborne particles and they strike directly on the Mesothelium lining protecting different internal organs in your body.

* The major organs that are at risk due to the Mesothelioma cancer are the heart, lungs, and abdominal cavity.

* Mesothelioma can happen in a person's body long after he has been in contact with the asbestos particles. The time limit ranges from 10-30 years.

* Life after the diagnosis is really short because Mesothelioma is mostly detected when the patient has already reached the final stage.

* The treatments that can help the patient to extend the life span are chemotherapy; radiation therapy and surgery but none of these traditional modes of treating cancer can give the ultimate solution to the patient.

* There are a few modern treatments devised with latest developments are helping the Mesothelioma patients to stay well. Among them the immunotherapy and the gene therapy have gained wide popularity.

* Mesothelioma can be fought for legal claims as well. So you must be aware of the legal prospects that can at least help you with a justified financial support to continue with the medical treatment and also a help for your family if you die. Mesothelioma attorneys are working to serve you for your benefits. Get help from them.


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